Hard Work + Genius Idea + ??? = Profit … = Time.

Time is money… right?

Okay, so then Money should ALSO equal Time… right? For some it does … for me, I want it to. It HAS to.

Shouldn’t we work hard enough to have a couple nice things but prioritize time with family and friends the most? I’d love to drive a nice car, have a nice home, and be able to buy a new toy here and there. But honestly, I’d much rather go on an adventure to a new place I’ve never seen, hang out with the people I cherish most and laugh until I cry, or simply go for a walk with someone I love while having a conversation that makes me truly think about what life is.

These things require time, not money. Well, a couple bucks for gas, coffee, some food… but we’re not talking millions.

Sure, we need to pay the bills. But then what? We need to pay our debts (this goes to you, fellow Americans), purchase food, maintain our residence and vehicle (body and/or car) .. what else am I missing? It can’t be much.

My point being, I like working hard for things I want. But I want TIME. That’s the one things money CAN’T buy. It can buy me freedom, though. How is still yet to be determined. That’s something I’m struggling to figure out.

Genius Idea + ??? = Profit

Profit + ???? = Time

We’ve all heard of having “Fuck You” money. Well, I’m a nice guy. I just need the “Sorry, Not Today” money. Somehow leading to the ability to cancel a meeting, leave the “work” to someone else for the day while I spend a hot summer day at the beach, to walk through the woods on a fresh blanket of snow, to spend a rainy day staring out my window into the ocean.

Money will come, it will go (always too easily), but these moments in time will never be again. The only proof we have of them is our memories. Life is all about creating more of them and more of the positive ones.

You could get hit by a bus today. TODAY. No amount of money can save you. But if that’s how you go out and we believe our consciousness passes along (play along with me here) then it should be the smiles that stick. The time you made your best friend keel over in laughter with that stupid joke you had or the time you made Mom cry with your gift when you were 7 years old. These are the things I want to bring with me to my deathbed.

I want to live a long enough life to enjoy as much as I can, but the relationships I created and held onto, the laughter, the beautiful sights and moments will be what I want the most of.

Get that cash, work hard and hustle… but remember – you need make it all mean something. Time is fleeting and you can never NEVER get it back.

As I reread this post, I feel compelled to remind anyone reading, this is being written as a reminder for MYSELF as well. So.. here it ends as I’ve got shit to do and goals to conquer.

Thanks for reading and I hope this quick blurb does the same for you. Get up, get moving, and hug someone you love. They may not be here tomorrow.


About krisoakey

Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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