Game…time Reminders!


Eh… that’s a little ambitious.

Habit forming?





Most of the time.

A reminder.

YES, thank you!

I’m not going vegan, but after watching the documentary The Game Changers, I’ve realized that I’m eating too much meat. There’s lots of evidence in the film that talks about the benefits of plants or a purely plant-based diet. That’s not something I’m willing to jump aboard, but eating more vegetables will make my body happy. Almost every healthy diet revolves around eating more vegetables. If that’s the case, well… it’s probably time to up the vegetable intake.

Now, this film was partially produced by James Cameron. Guess what James Cameron has stake in? A plant based protein company. So will the documentary be pretty biased? Bear, shit, woods. The message throughout the movie is “MEAT BAD, PLANT GOOD.” Lot’s of facts were lopsided, cherry-picked and not even really, well… facts.

BUT – some facts were pretty interesting to me. Enough to ease up on all the meat and start eating a couple plant-based wannabe’s. Really, just one, I guess.

Eating soy does NOT raise estrogen in men. – Harvard School of Public Health

Great! So when the lady wants to make faux-burgers I can eat them? Impossible? NOPE! We just need to understand, this is a replacement and it’s not necessarily any healthier. In fact, I think one thing I’ve realized through years of trying different styles of eating, everyone’s body is different. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diets. Eating cheeseburgers daily is about as smart as using a can of discarded razor blades as a cup. Your cardiologist would smack you upside the head (I googled just to make sure – read the whole thing).

You need to do what’s right for you. Lots of veggies make you feel good. Lots of meat can make you feel bad. If I eat 25 wings in one sitting with no fiber, I’m probably going to spend my next few days without using the potty productively or at all). Had I dialed down the wings to 10-ish and ate a plate of roasted vegetables, I’d probably feel a fuckton better and my digestive system wouldn’t be temporarily wrecked.

Now, if you’re a vegan and you do it do save the environment, avoid animal cruelty, and you feel good… you’re a better human than me. I love bacon, chicken, steak and I’ll never give it up. While writing this little post of mine, I did some fact checking on this documentary… or rather, read some journalistic work that was done for me. Thank you, Men’s Health.

I had also perused through Reddit and a couple other sources, but this is a quick an easy read for a lot of people. What’s sad about this film is that it seems to come from the wrong angle. It’s easy enough to fact check anything on the internet nowadays and it’s almost like they could have swayed more people had they been a little more honest.

James Cameron is a filmmaker. He makes amazing movies like Terminator and Avatar. His job is to move an audience, not educate them. Skynet has not sent any machines back to the past to start eradicating humans … yet.

Boston Dynamics is owned by Google, who reminds a lot of people of Skynet

My apologies, I’ve gotten off topic here. What were we talking about? Ah yes, The Game Changers coming from a very pushy angle. We get it, you have a theory you’re trying to prove, but they come across no different than Flat-Earthers when you try to claim iceberg lettuce has more antioxidants than eggs. It’s bullshit and anyone with Nutrition 101 knowledge is aware of that.

What’s even more upsetting is that you’re treating us like dummies. C’mon guys, lay the evidence on the table, look at both sides WITHOUT bias, and let people make their own decision. Respect the hell out of high level athletes doing it without needing meat, I certainly do. But at the end of the movie, if ANYTHING, remind people to eat their vegetables and the power a diverse diet has… not shame the omnivores. Iceberg lettuce + Eggs + Bacon + Avocado + Fresh Peppers + Tomato + Grilled Chicken + Olive oil & Vinegar = Healthy, filling, satiating OMNIVORE meal!

It’s all about personal choice and to educate. Yes, I feel more educated and respect the men and women competing at high levels eating only plants, but only because I understand their nutrition intake is limited (Let me reiterate – I wouldn’t be able to do it on many levels). A varied and CLEAN diet is far more advantageous. So for now, I’ll eat my lean meats, eggs, and add way more vegetables to each meal. Thanks for the reminder, GameChangers!

But bacon? I’ll eat LESS…maybe. I really like bacon.

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