Working Stiff.

I got a job.

CEO of Buncha’ Bullshit LLC…

Waiting tables and bartending. I’ve spent very little time doing either, but one thing has become very clear to me: they are only placeholders. I’m excited to put some money in my pocket and put some smiles on some faces, but this is not a career. These are things I’ll be doing to keep food on my plate and gas in my tank.

It’s easy to fall victim to complacency. We see it all the time. Look at the miserable fuck that’s stuck in a job that they hate. They’ve done it forever. Why? Growing is a bitch and a half. It’s easier to stay in a set of habits than it is to develop new ones. Is losing weight hard? I mean, not really. You know EXACTLY what to do; eat less, eat more fruit and veggies, and exercise. Boom. You just lost weight. It’s the DOING-IT part that’s hard.

My path hasn’t come to an end, nor is yours. The path is moving in a new direction and we might just be unsure of where it goes or where it may lead. That’s okay. Let’s take some time, build a shelter and a fire for the night before we figure out where to go tomorrow.

But what if this place is better than what’s next? What if there’s a cliff? What if I get raped by a pack of 40 violent zombie monkeys?!?!

It’s okay, at least you moved. Your life changed and you got to explore. Chances are, you’re going to be okay and if you’re okay, you can keep moving. If you’re going through hell, keep going. Even when you hit rock-bottom, the only place to go is up.

What’s not okay is never leaving the shelter. Days pass and we’ve just added to this space, becoming more comfortable in our paralysis of progress. We’re getting comfortable on a path we knew led to better places… even if we need to endure some bullshit. THIS set of actions is not okay. You sit under your tarp and complain about the holes in it, the ants biting your legs when you sleep, and the heat that’s giving you jungle rot. Well, why the fuck are you still there? Do something about it besides complain – no one’s listening anyways.

Keep moving. Forward, turn left, turn right, backtrack a little bit if you need to, but if we stay where we are, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

I will still continue to write, I’ll still continue to learn, and I’ll continue to dream. I may not be the next Dave Chappelle, the next Tolstoy, the next Jimmy Fallon, the next n1nja… but I’m going to keep moving forward in whatever I (after lengthy deliberation) decide is the right choice for me in that moment in time. Right now, I need money and I can’t rely upon any of my entrepreneurial skills to yield that income for me, so my services will be rendered to employers that can help me do so. They will not be permanent.

Opportunities present themselves if you look. Continue to look, continue to improve, continue to move, continue to think – and then act swiftly. Control what you can, do your best with what you cannot.

My time management skills need some work as I’ve run out of time for this entry, but some of the most profound words I’ve ever read were mere sentences.

Hopefully my words can be a reminder to someone out there, anyone that’s reading. Let’s do it together – kick some ass and take no prisoners. Win the morning, win the day, for we have no idea how great the spoils could be.


About krisoakey

Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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