Fat people doing bicep curls

Fat people doing dumbell curls. No warmup, nothing prior, just straight to the dumbells.

Stop it. Knock it off. I was going to use those. Give ’em back! *all said in a high school janitor’s voice* No idea what I’m talking about?

Educate yourself.

Now, can I get back to my point here?

We’re avoiding the issue, guys. Yes, I was a little razzled when you came in, wearing your sunglasses and sleeveless hoodie sweatshirt (really, this is not embellishment), sat down and starting doing bicep curls. I was slightly perturbed that there were 2 other HEAVY people that walked in and started doing the same thing. He was the only one going full on douche outfit, but I’m straying.

You don’t need to do the bicep curls. It’s the epitome of mis-focus. You’re more concerned with how people perceive you as to actually trying to make yourself a better human being. You’re taking more steps than most, just actually moving your body and burning calories, going to the gym… but this really doesn’t seem like we’re addressing the issue here.

You’ve got a 40lb tire around your waist and you want to strengthen a concentric motion of a relatively small muscle attached to your elbow and shoulder? To make it bigger…? Okay, to fill out the shirt you’re wearing? Okaaaaaay… to look good? But what about that? *Pokes tummy – Pillsbury doughboy voice ensues*

We no longer can use “I don’t know how to lose weight” as an excuse. Almost everything you want to know is accessible online. The “I don’t have time” is bullshit too, we can all find some time. But really, it’s choices, or lack thereof that lead to procrastination and avoidance.

I’ve been over 50lb’s overweight before. I know how it feels. You’re slow, insecure, it sucks. When we see how much work we have to do, how long it will take, it gets pushed off. I’ll eat better when my life slows down. I’ll go to the gym later, right after I do *insert activity*. I’ll get back to exercising next week. It’s easier to continue down the spiral than it is to take one babystep in the right direction. Isn’t that most things? Fighting momentum you’ve built with poor choices isn’t easy to stop. It’s like when you rolled down a hill as a little kid; with each turn your world spun faster and faster in one direction, then when you stand up and realize what you’ve done, it takes a little bit before the spinning actually stops.

If we want to learn something new, acquire a new skill, change our lives in ANY sort of way… isn’t the hardest part that first step?

You want to point yourself in the right direction? Well, take a step. Focus on the first step. Who cares about the rest of them? Yeah, it’s a daunting task, but if you can’t get past the first step, then the rest of the journey means nothing. As far as you know, you could journey halfway and find a better path – but you would have never seen that path had you started walking.

It’s not always about losing weight, but usually it’s a strong sign that something else is wrong. When you hear your car’s engine making some noise, it’s not the noise that’s the problem – it’s an indicator that you might need to pull over and call AAA before you’re stuck in the middle of East Bum becoming roadkill. Hopefully, you don’t have a heart attack while you’re out there.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. That’s the goal, right? I take good care of my health, minus the booze (dry January … woooooooo!), I’m working on making my bank account have more 0’s attached to it… with a higher number in front of it, and wisdom really only seems to come from overcoming difficulty and age.

So let’s use the resources we have to be those 3 things, right? Make more good choices to benefit our health, address the issues plaguing us. Work hard to secure some financial stake on this planet, hopefully benefiting the rest of us. Then remember to take things as they come and laugh at ourselves, because apparently we’re going to have to wait a while for the “wisdom” part.

…and for FUCKS sake – take off those goddamned sunglasses indoors and do some chinups. Trying to pull yourself up when you’re overweight is so ironic and filled with metaphor I won’t even spoil it for you.

But hey – it’ll grow those biceps for you 😉

About krisoakey

Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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