A Thank You note for Ice Cube

There are 2 ways to look at all this excessive time we have on our hands now.

  1. We just need to find something to do to kill time. This will all blow over and we can get back to our lives. Just kill the time until it’s over and then we’ll have some sort of normalcy again.
  2. We’re stuck indoors with a lot of time on our hands. Let’s use this time to get something done, learn something new, or practice a skill we haven’t had time for in the past.

I’m fumbling between the 2. We’re all struggling with it. I’m not alone, I know that. Like I said before, I’m focused on my writing. Every day I’ll pump out a bunch of bullshit and if it’s great, cool (better odds of winning the Powerball)… if not, well, feel free to let me know (COMPLIMENT SANDWICH PEOPLE). I’m sure with a little more boredom and cabin fever I’ll start to pick up something new and scrub the bottom of a lamp… because I love lamp.

BUT there’s one thing I’ll make sure I do – Check myself before I wreck myself. And yes, I’m of a clear mindset as I say this. Take inventory of your emotions and your headspace before you start to interact with others. We’re in some strange times where people physically can’t have any interaction with others. We can’t go out and socialize with strangers. It’s a time in our lives where isolating is the right thing to do. This can fuck with your social skills. Seriously.

Before conversing, take a look at how you’re coming off and how you’re behaving. This is great advice for anyone at anytime, really. Our emotions can run rampant if we don’t take a moment to understand why we feel a certain way. If you don’t figure out why you feel that way, it’s even harder to figure out how to feel the way you want. Emotions and energy is something children and animals pick up on right away. Adults do too, but they’re usually too caught up with their own bullshit and don’t understand why they feel a certain way and don’t care.

I can be sad and come off like a Debbie Downer because I found out my family’s dog is getting euthanized tomorrow (RIP Ollie). It’s not because I don’t want to talk to you, I’m just dealing with some sad news.

Someone could have taken my job and forced me indoors for a couple weeks and called me a silly name leaving me a little angry, so if I snapped at you, it’s not because I’m angry with you… it’s because I’ve lost my job and I’m stuck in a shell.

I could be thinking of a really funny Tom Segura joke and laughing my ass off… it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re funny and I like you. Just kidding, I probably do… but Tom Segura is hilarious. BIKE.

One thing that I do – I keep very good inventory of my emotions and I’m a pretty open book. So if I’m sad and I only give a couple words, I’ll let you know why. If I’m a little “heated” about something, I’ll make sure you understand it’s not you and I’m doing my best to shift my attitude. If I’m giggling about something, I’ll try my best to convey the funniness of whatever it is and make you giggle as well… while we prance and sing to our heart’s content.

It’s our duty to ask ourselves “Why?” we feel a certain way. The answer could be way too deep for a Saturday morning. It could be that you’re lacking purpose in your day-to-day life with you being out of work during quarantine. So give yourself some creative purpose. Louis CK had a great clip on his show about that. I couldn’t find it, but essentially Doug Stanhope is his long lost friend and confesses that he’s going to “end it.” Louis barks at him telling him that he had to work hard to find his reason for life … his purpose. It’s all something we need to spend time doing. It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it. Life is a little bit easier when you have it.

If it’s anger you’re feeling? It could easily be a lack of exerted energy… Go for a run, do some pushups, situps, jumping jacks. Go DO something to get the blood flowing. You’ll feel a little bit better and maybe it’ll inspire your mind to do something creative. There have been times where I’m so physically exhausted that I could stub my pinky toe and laugh. It’s a wonderful feeling, but not an easy one to obtain.

If you’re sad, pour your heart out in a journal, let go of it. I, personally have a hard time letting go of sadness. I just bottle it up and shove it down deep. I’ll be letting my future self deal with it at some point… uncontrollably and at some super inappropriate time, I’m sure. There’s random commercials about cereal that make my eyes water. THEY’RE HIS LUCKY CHARMS, YOU SELFISH SUGAR ADDICTS. Spoiled brats.

REGARDLESS – we have to let the emotions pass so that we can stay mentally (and physically) healthy. It shouldn’t be news that stress, anger, sadness, etc. all wreak havoc on your health if not maintained properly. Your energy will pass onto people that you like and love – whether it be positive or not, it’s contagious. If you’re feeling off, take a few minutes to figure out what it is, breathe, and remind yourself that it will pass. Take inventory and then work on fixing it or just being cogniscent so you can explain to your friends and family why you’re acting like a dick. It’s not our job to figure out YOUR problems. Spend more time looking on the inside and maintaining it than pointing the finger. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is offer the world a better “you” which creates a better “us.”

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

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Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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