…then consider me Myles Davis

I’ve watched many, many movies in my life. Way too many. Some multiple times just to really get the feel for the cinematic subtleties that the cast and crew worked diligently on. The camera angles, the quirks of the characters, the editing… one of my favorite cinematic masterpieces is Billy Madison. I even own a shirt with a blue duck on it that says “That’s Quacktastic!”

But has anyone seen the one where the citizens around the world are rioting because the government is taking away their rights and has too much control? No? It has that really cold and evil 1%’er dude that plans to exterminate a portion of the population to scare them into obedience. Still not remembering? Well, his whole plan was to make the citizens scared of each other to willingly give up their rights to the government. If citizens are scared of each other, they won’t riot against “the man” and they’ll follow all the rules that are put into place. He plans to release a disease as a means to eliminate a portion of the population and scare the rest of them into his control.

Sound familiar yet? It’s called “2020”.

CHILL OUT. Take a breath. The circumstances we are living in are real and I fully understand that. I’m keeping my distance, washing my hands until they’re raw, and my lovely lady even sewed me a cloth mask to wear out in public until this whole thing is over. In NO WAY am I trying to downplay the seriousness of what we’re living in. In fact, I’ve never felt so scared and out of control in my life.

BUT… can’t we admit that the timing of all of this is a little coincidental? How long were those daily protests in China taking place? Most of 2019? It looks as if they are on a corona-enforced shutdown but are gearing up for when it all ends. There’s not much news on it anymore. And I know there were other protests all around the world that the media was trying to keep quiet, but there’s no need to list them all. You could easily find them all on a quick google search.

I’m not a conspiracy-theorist guy by any means, I don’t even own a tinfoil hat! But I’ve just watched so many science fiction movies, read so many books, played so many games… they all refer to the times we’re living in as “when it all changed.” People far more intelligent than I continue to say that the world won’t be the same after this is all over. It seems to be jumpstarting the wave of the future.

Maybe that’s what I’m nervous about… the jumpstart. It feels like there should be some sort of smoother segway, an easier transition into the future, but it feels like the world just got booted in the balls and then pushed into the deep end of the pool with all its’ clothes on while carrying weights on it’s ankles. “Swim motherfucker.”

Now, like yourself, I’ve spent too much time indoors over the past couple weeks, enjoyed too many luxuries, and let my mind drift into some deep rabbit holes.

It took a trip to Market Basket where I had to wait in a line 6 feet apart from everyone while a bouncer let me into the club when someone had left. “We’re at capacity.” Had I shown some more skin, perhaps I would have gotten in sooner. Time to get my crop tops out for the summer.

It was while I was walking from the parking lot of said club “Market Basket” to the line to get into the party, that I read an article where the Governor of Massachusetts was greenlighting a tracking program of coronavirus patients after they’ve been diagnosed.


Let me get this straight: if I catch this virus, which could yield absolutely ZERO symptoms to me (knock on wood), you’re telling me the government is going to track my every movement? Wow. And no one’s upset about this? We’re all on board with this? This is where Dr. Evil and Mr. Burns give each other high fives.

People wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart scared of human connection, all interactions coming through a screen, your government tracking you. If you haven’t seen the movie “Wall-E,” well, you’re living in the prequel. It’s very similar to “Minority Report” ….

Our goal is public safety. Everyone’s goal should be. If you get sick, stay home. Hasn’t that always been the deal? I’m all set with catching ANY illness. If it gets really bad, go to the hospital… and when they release you, go home and rest until you feel healthy AND YOU’RE NOT CONTAGIOUS. Again, this is a serious and life-threatening virus/disease, take it seriously. But once we start to give up our privacy, our rights… we’re not going to get them back. I hope we all understand that. If there’s an instance in government history where they let their people off the leash after FINALLY getting the collar on them… let me know. History was never my strong suit.

What’s happening beyond our control? No clue. There are some powerful Illuminati characters running shit behind the curtain in Oz. What are their plans? No clue. This whole scenario probably has nothing to do with them or their plans. But let’s tread these uncharted waters with a little less fear mongering and a little more brotherhood. Once the State of Emergency comes to an end, let’s cling to our rights as citizens with a firm, ironclad grasp.

Alas, we cannot fight to our right to party at the moment. There’s far too much happening for us to be protesting and rioting. Health is wealth and if we’re not healthy, we cannot fight the powers that be. Even Hong Kong is on a Hiatus and they were like the Tom Brady’s of protests. Right now, the focus is on working as one unit to get back to full strength. Then we can address our governmental issues.

I cannot see the future, all I see is what’s in front of us. There’s a lot of beauty in the world. Thousands, millions of people coming together everywhere to help combat this deadly disease in one way or another. The positive overwhelms the negative everytime.

The world is always changing. This jumpstarted progress will come regardless of whether you want it or not. The world is constantly moving, turning, changing it’s position in the universe. Roll with the punches. While conspiracies are interesting, there’s no need to dwell in thought about it. Focus on what’s in front of you: a global pandemic. Focus on the now. Stay safe and stay healthy. We’ll get through it together by staying apart for now.

And in 99% of those movies, games, and books I referenced – there’s a happy ending for the world.

But that other 1% though...

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Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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