One boring little Tuesday

Today’s post is going to be a look into my day to day life in this quarantine. How I’ve been operating, what my thoughts look like as the day progresses, etc. Let’s get started, shall we?

8am – I’m awake but I’m not moving yet… there was a cool dream I totally forget that I’m working on getting back to.

8:30am – Fuck it. I’m up. Time to start slugging water so that I can enjoy coffee in an hour. Where are my pants? Why are pants?

9am – Browsing reddit as I drink copious amounts of water. Telling myself that I’m not going to drink tonight so my body can work on finding its’ baseline again.

9:30am – Shower. I’m covered in stale sweat, grime, and general sin. Let’s put on some normal clothes and pretend I’m ready to go out into the world at any moment being fully aware I’m not going to… at all. Unless going to the liquor store…

9:45am – COFFEEEEE and journaling. Just taking a mental shit on paper so my brain can function a little bit betterer.

10am – COOFFFFEEEE worked. Bathroom and more reddit browsing. Slight guilt about not reading a book, watching stocks surge up as mine go down – goddamnit.

10:10am – Start hourly blog. Considering making more coffee. Remember water is more important. Still considering making more coffee.

10:30am – All caught up. Can finally play video games without feeling completely guilty. ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE LET’S GOOOOOO.

11am – I hopped in discord and bullshitted for a good 30 minutes while falling down a reddit rabbithole. Definitely leaning towards the next cup of coffee coming sooner rather than later…

12pm – My 2nd cup of coffee is almost gone. A 3rd cup is out of the question, but sounds delicious. Instead, I’m contemplating a big salad filled with veggies. With some water. While I continue to level my necromancer in the glorious COVID-19-FREE Grahtwood. 28 and counting…

1245pm – It’s salad time. I can’t say that I’m all that hungry, but some veggies will do me good and the boredom of being home all day is starting to set in. At least this will partially break up the monotony … and keep me from craving junk food later…. hopefully.

1:45pm – I’ve washed my hands an approximate 400 times today. Skin is beginning to become a thought of the past. My salad is digesting while I consider either taking a nap or just resting my eyes for a few minutes…

2:20pm – Added some special “lemonade” to my seltzer. Why not relax a little while I wait for my food to digest… and it’ll help the time pass until I go in the other room for a workout. I can already feel my body giving a sigh of relief.

4pm – Time for more caffeine. Sugar free Red Bull? Sure. I never drink these but once in a blue moon. Since I’m quarantined and sinking into a downward spiral of laziness, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll either have a full on panic attack or I’ll force myself into a brutal workout to kickstart a week of focus on health…

5pm – I’m simultaneously disgusted with myself and want to exercise for the next 5 hours straight and wanting to lay down on the couch and take a nap. Knowing how little I’ve moved over the past month, it’s time to push myself into a sweaty realm of endorphins. Then I’ll be able to play some more video games before dinner. It’s like working out the rationale of a 12 year old.

6:45pm – Energy exerted and calories burned. My sweat smelled like a distillery. I’m exhausted and looking forward to dinner. I’m back on the computer while she gets in her workout and then we’ll reconvene over the dinner table. Stuffed peppers tonight I believe. Bingpot. I guess I’ll kill some more time with some Elder Scrolls until she’s ready… almost level 30….

9pm – Dinner was fantastic. Red peppers filled with bison, squash, and a little bit of cheese with an arugula salad. If I had to cook for myself on night to night basis I’d be sick and tired of chicken tenders fresh from the microwave. Still playing around with Elder Scrolls, but looking forward to sitting down and watching a show before getting into bed and reading before bed.

11:30pm – Death of Stalin: great, entertaining dark comedy that helps tell a historic story with some tongue in cheek humor. It was better than I was expecting it to be and came out feeling like I learned something. I’m currently exhausted and ready to get some sleep while starting all over tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll review my little timelog of a quarantine Tuesday and save my judgement for then. It’s too late to judge … it’s time for a little Always Sunny in Philly and then sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

About krisoakey

Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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