Good behavior, please.

I went to school for criminal justice and legal studies … and parties. Definitely double majored in parties, but who didn’t? What we learned (in the actual schooling) in CJ was about different types of criminals and prisoners, amongst many other subjects, but this is the one I wanted to touch on today.

There are many types of people in the world and a good percentage end up going to jail or prison. It’s the sad affairs we live in today, but here we ALL are, stuck in our own little prison. This is anything but a real jail cell, but it’s probably the first time we’ve all had our movements restricted since being punished as a child.

Now, there are different types of criminals/prisoners. There are the few that make new friends and learn trade secrets – hint: it’s not about plumbing.

There are the types that reform themselves. They sit in their cell reading books, meditating, becoming one with the higher power and dedicate themselves to spirituality.

Some educate themselves and prepare for success on the outside, reading books on law, science, math, etc.

Some become artists.

Some become physical fitness gods.

And then some are termed “chronic offenders.” These are the people that go back to doing the same shit and continually end up back in prison. The majority of criminals fall within this category.

We are not criminals, most of us anyways. We’re simply victims of circumstance. China wanted to cook sick bats (what the fuck, China?), someone created a new type of virus, and now we have to hide indoors until smart people figure this shit out… while dumb people continue to spread the virus and make themselves sick beyond their wildest imaginations. I’m looking at you, Florida and Brazil.

Keeping things brief (it’s about consistency, not about churning out 40 pages a day), what kind of “victim of circumstance” are you going to be?

I hope to find myself in some sort of blended category of them all; not so much one or the other, but finding myself in the middle of a Venn Diagram.

Exercising, reading, meditating, playing video games with friends, eating and drinking with my lovely lady, being creative... but not taking a spoon and digging a tunnel into the guards breakroom.

This will come to an end, our prison sentence will conclude (or we’ll be let out early for good behavior…? PULL IT TOGETHER YOU FOOLS! QUIT GATHERING, YOU’RE MAKING THINGS WORSE) and we’ll be let free. Where will you be? Who will you be? How will your time have been spent? We’re all going to have ups and downs, but if we keep grinding and keeping our sanity, we’ll be smiling at the end of this.

About krisoakey

Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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