A month. Over a month. A month and a few days with some hours, minutes, and seconds dropped in there.

That’s how long it’s been since there has been a post on here. I get it, I know… all 2 of my readers want more content. There was a span of time in there where my interests started to shift into a couple different directions. If it were degrees in a circle, it would be 360. Everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Writing, learning to create YouTube videos, learning how to code for Etherium, martial arts, exercise, teaching, masturbating furiously. And I mean FURIOUSLY. Imagine Due Date and Robert Downey Jr. spitting on Zack Gallifinakis’s dog. No… wait, don’t imagine that. This got weird quick.

Honestly, It was madness and madness building momentum. Time became dominated by complete and utter focus of whatever was being done in that time block, but the choice was based on how the mind felt that day. Yesterday is when the epiphany finally erupted… “IT’S TOO MANY THINGS!” This epiphany was subsequent to what felt like a mental breakdown; a full fledged anxiety attack that was finally subdued with a long walk, my martyr of a girl, and a White Claw or 3. Not the healthiest medicine, but a quick solution in a weak moment.

But while that White Claw(s) was sipped, there was more thought about what the issue is. Once the breathing calmed down and a few meditative moments were taken, it hit like a brick upon the head.

Focus. Our focus need more focus.

“That’s right, Daniel-san.”

Too much social media, internet browsing, reading headlines, too many goals for hobbies and skills that we want to learn.

All those interests mentioned previously? They haven’t faded, but there needs to be priorities set and focusing on ONE thing until it’s completed, then the next. Not what we feel like working on in that moment or what the magic eightball says. Should we study coding, should we practice martial arts, should we write, should we make a YouTube video, should we __________?

What’s the priority? Which one sits higher on the food chain? Which one is more important to you? Reflect, motherfucker. Maybe you should put on some damn underwear before practicing high kicks?

Too many people these days have 8 “side hustles,” post them on social media, tell you why they’re successful at everything while they’re playing guitar, drums, and doing pushups at the same time.

We’re all different and learn differently too, but if you bite off more than you can chew, your bite may chew you. I assure you, the rhyming here was only half intentional.

Personally, as someone that wants to always do things to a closer level of perfection, it’s important that there’s one thing I focus on completing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. If there are 7 things, I’ll miss 1, then 2, then 3, then the downward spiral happens until I feel like completing nothing except the masturbating furiously.

But there are people out there that operate better when they teach a class, learn an instrument, make internet content, run a company, train martial arts after a sprint workout. Fucking fantastic for them, but that’s not me and it might not (probably) be you either. Maybe this is ADD, ADHD, ADHDHDHD? A rose is a rose by any other name, so does it even matter what it’s called? The important thing is that to accomplish a goal, task, or even just a hobby that you like to enjoy from time to time, regardless of how big or small it is. If it’s on the list, it’s big enough to you. FOCUS on it. If it is a goal, set out a certain amount of time to work on it, a milestone to reach so you can put it down and revel in what you’ve done.

During a conversation with a person who would call themselves moderately successful, they said that they have to look back upon, and write down, what got accomplished each quarter to physically see that progress has been made. Some evenings, they journal the daily accomplishments too. Otherwise, they would spin into their own downward spiral and erupt with anger at themselves thinking that they’re in the same spot as before. This was their medicine. Stagnation is a cause for disease, mental, physical, spiritual. Growth and change is important to the health of all things. Without growth, you’ll stop doing whatever it is. We all need to see progress.

In fact, journaling what’s been accomplished the first 4 months of this year is going to be what happens tonight. The inability to see what’s grown is another cause for the downward spiral. But this will be a fun task… a necessary one, but fun as well. Let me take this medicine, it’ll be healthier than the other 3 White Claws in my fridge… which might turn into a reward? “MIGHT” is the key phrase here.

Maybe it’s time you do the same? Maybe instead of beating yourself up take a look at everything that you’ve done this year thus far and write it down. If it’s a lot, GREAT… use it as motivation for moving forward. If not, put something on the list that’s small and pat yourself on the back… but use this as motivation to get started on somewhere you left off. Maybe make a new list of where you want to go? Either way, grow and keep growing before the stagnation catches up.

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Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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