This is a short one, I promise. Spent the last 90 minutes trying to figure out how to YouTube. I feel like a 70 year old man trying to figure out a smartphone while the screen is soooo zoomed in it can only fit all of 3 words and none of them are beyond 5 letters long. If I was trying to text like that I would have already forgotten when I typed 7 words ago.

On my way to a class last night, I heard/read/saw something and nearly shit a brick. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten to add this or at least just tap into it briefly as it was probably the first thing I worked on when shifting my internal and external language.

“Don’t do that.”

Now I want you to think about the end scene in the original Ghostbusters. If you haven’t seen the OG Ghostbusters you’re either too young to be reading this or you’re just uncultured and not watching it out of spite at this point. Either way, you’re not American until you watch it.

At the end of the movie the villain (I forget the name, forgive me GB Loremasters) tells the team that anything they think of will turn into their worst reality or something to that effect. I forget the actual quote. I’m currently rewatching to find it, but it was harder than expected.

ANYWAYS, someone tries to NOT do something and all of a sudden *POOF* there’s a massive marshmallow dude crushing people in the city. Ray tried to NOT think of something and immediately thought of it. In his defense, I wouldn’t think marshmallows would be dangerous either, EXCEPT TO YOUR BLOOD SUGAR! badum tsssss

The idea of “not” doing something or to “don’t” do something makes your mind think of the thing and then solve a puzzle to circumvent it. This is getting very abstract and confusing. Let’s line up multiple examples.

“DON’T PUT YOUR HAND ON THE STOVE!” I’m visualizing putting my hand on a stove. We’ve all done it. But this is all I can think of now. Just putting my hand on a stove. I even want to go check mine now to see if it’s on. The times I was told not to put my hand on the stove, I had to. The really dumb “what if” part of my brain had to find out how hot it was. To whichever “guardian” gave me that sage advice, I thank you for my curious-as-a-cat character trait.

“DON’T RUN WITH SCISSORS!” Remember that kid that did this in class when we were younger? Jesus Christ we all knew he lived in the moment. He was the same one that was eating gluesticks. Jack. I remember Jack. He also ate erasers for quarters. Quite the hustler, if you ask me. I have to question if his entrepreneurial spirit won out. Knowing Jack, he’s probably still eating gluesticks. Simple Jack pops into my mind. But yeah, right away I’m thinking of this kid running with scissors.

“DON’T SMACK YOUR HAND REPEATEDLY WITH A HAMMER UNTIL BLOOD POURS OUT EVERYWHERE.” This is pretty obvious right? It was after my first time of doing it.

There are easier ways to get what you want when you’re either trying to help someone or tell them what they need to do. You tell them what TO DO. Simple, right?

“Keep your hand away from the stove, it’s hot.”

“Put your scissors down if you’re running.”

“Use the hammer to hammer nails or remove them. Your hand is used for better things.”

It helps everyone involved. If you know what needs to be done and you’re trying to give advice or guidance, then you need to be a little clearer in your direction. Instead of making the person take the extra mental step, you DO IT.

This can get far more advanced into how to make money, how to get more fit, how to give yourself some better habits, etc. Don’t dump your money into dumbass crypto coin… okay, well then where should I put it, Mr. Wallstreet? Don’t eat 40 donuts each morning… okay, well then what should I be eating to lose weight? Don’t play videogames all morning if you’re trying to be successful… okay, so what should I be doing each morning to set myself up for success?

When I heard this language correction, probably from Tony Robbins or someone like that, it made listening to someone that used “don’t” for everything unlistenable (holy shit, that’s a word?!). They would try to coach me through LIVE FIGHTS telling me to not do something. In retrospect, it was the most insane and bizarre advice and I’m realizing my cardio and/or spontaneity was the only thing that got me through the fights. It also explains that mental hiccups I’m constantly dealing with. That’s the cute way of talking about CTE.

To reiterate, I wanted to make this quick because we all have shit to do with our lives and I really love knowing that you’re reading this. It’s mindblowing to me that I actually have something to type worth reading. So, seriously, THANK YOU. Now, if you find yourself using the word “don’t” in order to give advice/guidance/help, rethink it before you say it. Not only is it going to help YOUR trains of thought, but it’s going to help everyone around you.

One more example – DO buy me a cup of coffee… please. 🙂

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Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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