5 Friday bites of nom’s

We all have shit to do, so let’s make this one a short one, shall we? It is Friday after all.

Tim Ferriss does a “Five Bullet Friday” which I’ve been reading for years, so I’ll do something similar because I need to get out of my house… or apartment… or just out of this chair that my ass seems to be conforming to. Or the chair is conforming to it. Chicken and the egg.

  1. Breath Holding!breathology.com – I read about t his during the pandemic or right before it. I truly can’t remember, but I DO remember all the benefits that it gave me. I remember being more calm throughout the day, I remember being able to trigger that calmness at will, and I remember my cardio/endurance went through the roof during my training. I highly recommend working on this, especially if you’re an athlete, someone looking to heal, or just generally trying to practice mindfulness. Don’t take my word for it, actually do it.
  1. Risk of Rain 2 – This has been the go-to game for all of my friends, my pretty little lady, and myself. Instead of taking a half nap on the couch before bed while trying to watch a movie, we’ve been socializing with friends over discord and running through this game. It’s a very well done, creative, rogue-like RPG where you kill bad guys, pick up items with the money you’ve earned, and progress to harder and harder levels or waves. Levels are less stressful but more time consuming, waves are faster and pulls the baddies to you instead of chasing them around an entire level.
  1. Dr. Andrew Huberman – This guy is amazing. Everything that is scientific about the body, body hacking, self-improvement… he breaks down in layman’s terms (kinda… sometimes things can get a little nerdy, but still incredible) on how to improve yourself, ward off disease, sleep better, exercise better. But it’s not all himself, he pulls on a lot of really humble intelligent guests that you’ll learn a from. Great on a long drive or while doing some long cardio.
  1. PIZZA! – I’m probably late to the game on this one, but instead of trying different types of pizza and being utterly disappointed, this app has nothing but pizza reviews from either Portnoy himself or locals in the area. Next time you’re traveling (or just close to home), pull this up and find the best pizza around! It’s entirely user based so there doesn’t seem to be any tomfoolery about. If we’re going to splurge on some unhealthy wheat-glue and cheese… we might as well make it worth it.SIDENOTE: Does anyone know of one for coffee? Very few things worse than having to find a decent cup of joe after spending your time and money getting a bitter cup of coffee-flavored water.
  1. Sharktivity! – Summer isn’t over and we’re still hitting beaches. Although shark attacks are SUPER RARE we all have our outrageous fears (if I die while crawling through a tunnel in a pyramid I’m going to be so let down), this app does a great job of keeping you up to date with any shark activity in your area. So if you want to enjoy being in the shark’s house without pissing them off, I suggest grabbing this app to see who’s been swimming around your favorite spot in the sand. Simple rule – if you see seals, gtfo of the water and wait for them to pass.

Just a few things I’ve been munching on the past couple weeks… this may become a common friday post, but for now…Happy friday y’all!

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Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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