Wheels on the bus go round and round

It’s confusing. You would think as you greatly improve in almost everything in your life, that the “almost” part would be pulled up with it, right?


I can seemingly get fairly decent at a ton of aspects in my life, but it doesn’t seem like time management is one of them. It was ingrained in me as a child that time didn’t really matter. I can remember consistently being picked up late from sporting events, friend’s houses, etc. Then I noticed that I was always late to the bus in the morning, late to practice, late coming home after I had been out with my friends, late getting out of bed in the morning. We still show up to the designated time of cookouts and no one’s there for the next 2 hours. No exaggeration.

Not many of these habits have changed. I planned my morning to be up at 7am to get on with my day and start ticking off my habits one by one and then be able to get to my appointment with plenty of time on the clock. Really? 7am? 6am Kris said, “No, sir. There’s no logic to that,” and turned it off on me. What a wiener.

I understand his point of view, but DUDE, we had things we wanted to get done without additional stress. The enemy is training at 7am, why aren’t you? Stooooooooop it. That’s not motivational enough to get me up at 7am. I want my full 8 hours and all the rem cycles that come with it. Don’t you dare try to take one from me. That last one is like the ending of a movie, it’s where all the cool shit happens.

So here we are, with 5 minutes on the clock to get some writing in, and it’s getting done, but the work is suffering. I’m sure there’s a typo somewhere, there’s something more clever that could have been written, the anxiety is piling up knowing that the clock is ticking. I wish there was another 15 hours in the day, but we can wish in one hand and then shit in the other, right? I’ve tried. It’s gross.

All I ask, is that as I actively work on improving all my habits, knowledge, and general life… that time management just comes along for the ride. That mother fucker keeps sleeping in late and staring out the window with drool on his face while the rest of us are trying to achieve something. Can meditative-Kris grab him? Or what about health-freak-Kris? How about entrepreneur-Kris? SOMEONE GRAB THAT DROOLY IDIOT AND GET HIM ON THE BUS!

I guess we truly are pulled down by our weakest link. Goddamnit. Can someone at least wipe the drool from my face? Anyone? Bueller? SLUUUUUUUUURP Got it myself, fellas. Thanks. Aaaaaaaaaaand it’s back.

About krisoakey

Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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