Who REALLY ever watched Waterworld?

The blank page is daunting. There’s few things that are more intimidating than an empty page, an empty title, and empty time… all of which need to be filled with writing.

“What am I supposed to write about?”

“Should there be some sort of message?”

“Why did Spotify recommend an ‘Idling Diesel Tractor for 9 hours’?”

I understand just showing up needs to be the victory here. Just writing anything is a win. But, FUCK, does it pain me to publish nonsense on this blog. I know very few people read it, but there’s something so satisfying when it has substance and a tangible cheesiness when it doesn’t. There should be some wisdom or an interesting perspective on an event that happened… but nope. Nothing. FART NOISE

The only thing kicking around in my brain right now is how excited I am for dinner. Also, the amount of rain that I had to traverse through just to get here. Anyone that lives in Rhode Island or on the South Shore of Massachusetts knows what insanity just transpired from the clouds above. It might as well have been Zeus himself taking a movie-theater piss after consuming the Atlantic Ocean.

Going through literal sheets of rain where you couldn’t see more than 20-30 feet in front of you, including the lights of the cars in front, was one of the more anxiety inducing acts of driving I had ever endured. There was something claustrophobic about it. As fast as you could get the rain off your windshield, it was already back. You were in a constant state of trying to see through a blur of water being sprayed in your face like a firehose. That’s a good analogy – it was like driving into the spray of a firehose… yeah, let’s go with that. You couldn’t see the lights of the car ahead of you. At any moment you felt as if you were going to crash.

Imagine if this was permanent? Like the movie Waterworld (admittedly I never saw it) but it was a 100 year storm with constant sheets of rain, never letting up. All of our cars on the highway stopped, engines flooded, the water is up to our waists but the occasional lifted truck making its’ way down the highway at a speed that’s far too fast for the circumstances. It would flip once they cut the wheel seeing the stopped cars and people exiting their vehicle. 30 car pileup. Explosions. Fire on top of the water from the gasoline and oil. This reeks of a Michael Bay production.

6 hours later, it’s dark. Still help hasn’t arrived. Phones have little to no service. The water is rising.

Do you start to walk? Which was is North? Do you sit in your car and hope that help arrives? Was that a fish that just swam by your leg? Was that a water-snake? Where can we start a fire to stay warm? Can we build shelter? Everything’s wet… what do we burn? Is this water clean to drink? Get to higher ground? Dinner’s ready?

Hmmm, I guess it was fun to ponder for a bit. It didn’t feel like there was much substance, but now I see there’s something on the once-blank sheet of paper. Again, the whiteness of the canvas is so intimidating , but I guess it gives us some space to allow our imaginations to run wild. The important part is starting. Just like anything, right? Exercising, cleaning, stretching, etc. Just get started – it might not be perfect, but at least you did it. High Five

Thanks for reading. As always, I’m grateful for you. We’re keeping the streak aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

About krisoakey

Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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