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Bubly makes my favorite seltzer… I think.

We’re eating bison meat, avocado, and white rice for dinner.

I like turtles.

This is my stream of consciousness. It has no real direction, but it’s just going to go and go and go… and go… and food. I’m trying my best to not write with any typos, but we all know how that goes. Still hitting backspace along the way, which is something they say not to do… because the critic in you will activate and the artist side of you will have a hard time creating. I wonder if it’s a love/fear scale or similar to it. Love is when you create, right? And when you DON’T do something, it’s based out of fear… right? One of my pet peeves is when people say to not/don’t do something. So now your brain immediately starts to think of the activity and then imagine one of those circles with a line through it. Now what? You still see the picture behind the line. Now you have to figure out a problem. The much more immature and naive Kris would do it anyways, out of spite. Fully knowing it’s not smart, just because I was told not to do something, I had to do it. The stove was hot, Mom was right…

Louis CK has a great joke about how he hate’s the N-Word. Not “ni****,” that’s fine… but the literal N word, because now HE has to think about it. It’s just adding an extra step. This is a similar idea, but his is far more specific and hilarious. I tried to find the joke on youtube but alas, it’s a bunch of dopes “reacting” and calling for his cancellation. Fuuuuuuuck those mouthbreathing fool. They’re deadweight on society. In fact, I’d argue they’re pushing us backwards because more people hear them which gives power to their own internal critic, which in turn stops them from creating any art!! I may not agree with all art people create, but I will 100% support all creationists and their right to openly create it. It’s that fear-based critic mindset that can go gargle a barrel of semen and then brush their teeth with bird turds. Gross.

What right do they have to “cancel” anyone? How are they creating anything? Once you start to cancel one person for what they’ve said/done then it’s an ongoing battle against the freedom of speech. We’ve opened the floodgates to it. As far as I’m concerned, open expression is one of the greatest aspects of American culture, one of the few things people can do to elaborate on a feeling, emotion, or a situation. Now, if the joke isn’t funny, or the movie isn’t cinematic, or the book isn’t interesting, or the song doesn’t move you… then eventually it will find it’s spot in modern culture in the bottom of the barrel with most of Netflix. And to then try and make a name by knocking other people off a pedestal doesn’t give you any authority. Being a critic and creating nothing get’s far too much attention these days. So-and-so “reacts” to video of someone “reacting” and so forth. Fuck thaaaat. Give your attention to the creator and the art they produced, not the reaction of someone else. They’ve expressed pure beauty, or their attempt at it, and they shared it with the world. That’s not easy and something I’ve worked hard at doing myself. Motivate and inspire those around you to share their beauty, their art… whatever they choose to do, encourage it.

I’m hungry. These thoughts keep getting interrupted by the “is dinner ready yet?” question. Turns out that it finally is ready. Thanks for listening.

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Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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