We all have power. Every day, we have the power to change many things, sometimes it’s everything. This could be the power to change our health, the power to change our path in life, the power to change our laundry, the power to unleash upon someone a positive energy that will resonate with them and spread to others. Like Uncle Ben once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

That Stan Lee creation was right as rain.

If a man that allows their health to reach such a sad state that they’re unable to sit in a normal sized chair, or unable to walk through a door without turning sideways, or they’re literally just difficult to look at…should they be allowed to wield power over others? Personally, I think not.

We all wake up each day with the power to do with our lives what we want. Sure, there are repercussions to every choice we make. We decide today is a “no clothes day,” well…you’re likely to have a few issues there. BUT, it’s your CHOICE to wear clothes and you have the power to make that choice. Just like when you wake up early and get your ass to the gym before work – you have the power to wake up and do so or the power to say “fuck this, I’m sleeping some more.” The power to make a choice is 100% a power. Some would call it a super-power. Humans are the only animals that seemingly have so many options with their life. We may think we do or we don’t, either will be true. The weird part is… you have the power to choose what you think (to an extent).

Now, if a person that you can clearly see has abused their power of choice to constantly make the choice that is a disrespectful one to their self, why should they be able to impose their power over others? Paradoxically, you can choose to listen to this person or not, but if they’ve been placed into a position of power and that power falls over the scope of your work-life, how do you react? How do you choose? Do you immediately give them the finger, pack your shit, and make your exit after leaving a steaming hot pile of shit on their desk? Do you bow down and accept that this mess of a man now has an impact on your life? Or do you play the middle-ground …which is where you push back, nudge them onto a treadmill, and play the game of replacing their lunch with SlimFast and a toothbrush?

Man, I have no fucking clue. I just want a simple life where I work, play, and love. Seems like a pretty simple request but it feels like it’s becoming a taller and taller order day by day. I respect everyone’s choices, whether they want to neglect their health and be a problem to the medical industry, be an eyesore upon society, or just generally be someone that’s hard to be around. THAT’S FIIIIIIINE. You do you, homie. But, don’t you dare think that you’re going to have any influence on the way my life operates. Just because I respect your choices, doesn’t mean I agree with them. They’re yours to make, but once they start to affect me, I think we’re going to have words.

If you choose to be offended by someone using the “improper” pronoun for someone and talk back, well…now we’re going to chat. If you’re going to barely have the ability to waddle up and down some stairs and then tell someone what to do, well motherfucker, come up this flight of 8 stairs and say that shit to my face. I’ll leave some mouthwash on the 4th floor for you.

If you clearly display that you cannot be responsible with your own choices and your own health, then how can you start to force others to make a choice? You’ve shown that you’re unable to make the best choices for yourself for years at this point. I understand that people get caught on a slippery slope but many do their best to reverse the path they’re on. I’ve seen it. I am inspired constantly by the people that drop 100 plus pounds at the gym. I LOVE seeing overweight people at the gym. That shit’s difficult, I know. They think everyone’s watching, that people are thinking the worst of them. It’s a very insecure feeling and they project it upon everyone else. Currently I weigh about 170. The most the scale has ever said when my feet were upon it was 230. Fat boy.

BUT, when you’re slipping down that slope, you can only fall so far before you realize you have a choice you need to make. It’s a difficult one, but it has to be made. Either you can continue to eat like shit, be sedentary, and waste away… or you have a choice to say to yourself, “Fuck the haters” and get your place to a sanctuary of health. Find that temple that you can make a habit of going to, find some simple exercises you can do regularly. Get on the treadmill and just walk for an hour. Fuck it, watch a movie while you’re walking. The next time you do it, raise it half an incline. The next time… just another skosh faster. Watch a longer movie. Gamify the exercises. But for fucks sake, if you’re put in a position of even SLIGHT power within a company, you better be taking care of yourself before you think you can impose something upon others. How can anyone respect you if you’re not even respecting yourself? And for crying out loud, see a dentist.

That’s really it. When you come across as a person that really doesn’t care for themself, you show everyone that you don’t respect yourself. Well, if you’re leading by example, no one is going to be able to respect you when you’re not respecting yourself.

Now, let’s be clear, I have fat friends and I love those motherfuckers to death. The thing about these friends and the people I’m talking about here, is the friends I know take care of themselves or are taking steps to do so. I applaud them all along the way, but I still love them even when they’re on the slope. They’ve never once told me what to do with my life so therefor, I never tell them what to do with theirs. But again, if you’re in a position of power over others, you best display that you’re in control of the power over yourself first. Otherwise, I’m going to quietly rant on the internet about how much I can’t stand being around you. Until you push too hard then I’m going to pop.

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Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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