Get Shit Done

The French Press (yes, capitalized) needs to be cleaned.

I need to shower.

I need to move my car before I get a ticket.

I need to find matching socks, but the clothes need to be folded.

There’s so much to do and so many small tasks occupy too much space in my head. Now, they’re small, minute, minimal in every sense of the word. But every time I see them or am reminded of their attention, I LOSE attention on what I was doing. If I’m running a race and I stop to look at a shirt in a window, I’m probably not going to place in that race .. as I’ve lost my pace.

In the middle of reading David Allen’s “Getting Thing’s Done,” I’m realizing how constantly distracted I am by little shit. And if you’re reading this, it’s probably a very similar situation for you.

Now, I appreciate you taking the time from your busy day to read a couple of the mundane words I have to throw down on imaginary paper, but I’m sure you have so many more pertinent things to get accomplished. Do you have to call Mom, are you procrastinating some data entry, or are you pushing back your workout finding things to distract you? It happens, but we don’t have to let it.

2 minutes.

If it takes less than 2 minutes, we just need to get it done. Take the time, do it now. We all have 2 minutes.

This post will be one of the shortest because, well, fuck it – I don’t want you to spend more than 2 minutes reading this.

Quickly, take a moment and jot down everything, get it out of your head. Get back to what you’re doing, FINISH, then attack the smallest item on that list. Rinse, repeat.

I’m no “GTD” professional, but I can firsthand tell you, it’s easy to let small things continue to build until your list of “2 minute tasks” builds and now you’ve got 40 minutes of work.

“Writing Wednesday” will be shorter today, as I’ve got shit to do. I would have really preferred he called it “Getting Shit Done,” but maybe that was too crass?

I’m going to go Get Shit Done, I hope you do the same.

About krisoakey

Simply a man playfully chasing enlightenment while encouraging others to join him through mockery, logical anomalies, and hand holding...LOTS of hand holding
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